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About Mtaji CapitalWe are focussed on facilitating access to working capital for MSMEs across Africa through the application of innovative technology-enabled financing instruments

Mtaji Capital is a Non-Bank Finance Institution focused on bridging the working capital needs of the missing middle segment of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. The missing middle segment is largely ignored by mainstream Commercial Banks and has outgrown the capacity of SACCOs and MFIs. 


AfDB estimates that over 80% of businesses in Africa are MSMEs pointing to the significance of this sector in any country’s development plan.

Underserved MSMEs turn to predatory loan sharks for credit paying interest in the neighbourhood of 10%-30% per month

However, despite this significance, the growth of MSMEs in Africa is hampered by a lack of access to finance. Over 60% of credit applications to Banks are declined for various reasons including weak financials and lack of collateralThis presents an opportunity to structure trade-based financing that is largely reliant on cashflow certainty.

Access your Working Capital

Export Receivables Factoring

  1. Are you an exporter struggling with working capital due to extended payment terms by your overseas customer?
  2. Complete our application form and let us help you reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). We shall also take over the risk of non-payment by your overseas customer as part.

Supply Chain Finance

  1. Are you a buyer based in Kenya seeking to optimize your working capital while supporting your suppliers? We shall be happy to structure and finance your working capital need.

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