Contract/PO Finance

Contract/PO Finance

Purchase Order Financing/Contract Finance is a commercial finance transaction in which Mtaji Capital advances money to a business’ supplier to cover the costs of a purchase order placed by a business’ customer.

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How it works

  1. You get a purchase order from a customer and an estimate from your supplier
  2. Contact Mtaji Capital
  3. Mtaji Capital checks the creditworthiness of your Customer and supplier.
  4. If approved, you sign an agreement with Mtaji assigning the contract and all attendant receivables
  5. Mtaji Capital advances up to 70% of the purchase order cost to your supplier.
  6. Your supplier delivers on the order.
  7. You issue an invoice to your Customer who pays directly to Mtaji Capital (or based on payment terms, you trade the approved invoice under a Supply Chain Finance arrangement).
  8. Mtaji Capital receives the money, discounts its fees and amount paid to your supplier, and sends the balance to your bank account.

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