Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF), also known as Reverse Factoring or Payables Finance is a great business tool to increase liquidity and reduce costs through a low-risk trade finance solution.

Our tech-enabled solution enables large buyers to facilitate access to liquidity for their suppliers while optimizing their own cash-to-cash cycle.

We offer support to buyer entities to identify the opportunity inherent in their supply chains, train their procurement, finance, and technology teams,  onboard them onto our proprietary platform and provide off-balance sheet financing

How it works

  1. Buyer completes the online Expression of Interest, noting to attach the relevant documentation.
  2. Mtaji Capital engages buyer, evaluates the Supply Chain Finance opportunity and carries out credit assessment
  3. If successful, Mtaji Capital and buyer execute legal agreements
  4. Buyer completes onboarding process onto the Ankara Platform in 3 easy steps i.e. Account Set-up, Personal KYC details of Admins, and Company KYC details (approximately 30 minutes)
  5. Buyer and Mtaji Capital engage eligible suppliers for onboarding onto to the Ankara platform 
  6. Buyer uploads approved invoices onto the Ankara platform and Mtaji Capital pays Suppliers on the same day, less the cost finance
  7. On maturity of the invoices, Mtaji Capital collects from the buyer at no additional cost

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